Environmental analysis for the oil and gas industry


The following analyses list is indicative, we would be delighted to discuss any alternative requirements you may have.

Oil Analysis

OSPAR ISO 9377-2 oil in water reference method
- Calibration, validation and correlation of equipment and data.
- Produced water regulatory analysis by GC/FID.

Total hydrocarbon (THC) analysis 
- Total hydrocarbon concentration with aromatic and aliphatic split by FTIR.
- Validation checks run onshore for non-produced water samples such as
- Oil analysers calibrated and set up for hydrocarbons on drill cuttings.

Well completion and clean-up
- Waters, sludge, muds and cuttings analysis onshore for oil content 
  and/or contaminants.

Combined suites analysis

- Bi-annual Produced Water
- SLOPS samples
- Effluent discharge

Other analysis parameters 

- THC identification qualitative and %carbon composition both by GC/MS
- BTEX and VOC suite of 52 compounds, inclusive of BTEX
- PAH standard suite of 16 PAH compounds by GC/MS/MS
- Naphthalene, Phenanthrene, Dibenzothiophene compounds by GC/MS
- Unknown identification of organic compounds 
- PCB suite of 12 compounds
- Phenol in water
- Moisture content by Karl Fisher
- Inorganic parameters by Hach instrumentation