Environmental analysis for the oil and gas industry

Other Services

At R.U.M. in addition to analytical works we offer the following services:


We provide courses for total hydrocarbons (THC) analysis on drill cuttings, well completions and pipeline clean-ups. 

The course includes laboratory safety, good laboratory practices, instrument and method overview, instrument calibration and sample extraction/analysis. 

Refresher courses are available for the above. 

Courses are usually ran in house at our laboratory near Aberdeen.


Oil in water analysers
- We supply the following equipment/kits and services.
- Service of units.
- Calibration of analyser to rig specific crude or base fluid.
- Hire of Infracal oil analyser units.

Offshore/Onshore kits
- Oil in water field analysis, includes glassware, solvent, florisil and equipment.
- Bi-annual Produced Water.
- Effluent discharge.
- Other kits available on request.