Environmental analysis for the oil and gas industry


Based near Aberdeen, we at R.U.M. are focused on helping you meet your offshore environmental regulatory and operational requirements as well as providing an individual approach to more bespoke or unique requirements which may arise:


Oil Pollution Prevention & Control (OPPC)
- produced water, reinjection, well completion and clean up analysis.

Offshore Chemicals Regulations (OCR)
- chemical concentrations for dumping, checking chemicals added for
  reinjection and for improving recoveries from old wells.

Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (OPEP)
- fingerprint for spills, oil spills analysis, oil spill dispersants efficiency testing.

International Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and
Co-operation (OPRC)
- merchant shipping convention regulations 1998.


Cuttings and reclaimed drilling oils.

Calibration and Correlation
– calibration of offshore oil analysers, correlation of oil methods to OSPAR
  ISO 9377-2 reference method.

Produced water analysis.

Unknown organic compounds identified in fluids and deposits.

New chemical trials.

Decommissioning of installations, pipelines, drill cutting piles.